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  • 4 year old German Shepherd with accessory carpal bone fracture

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Miller brings over 25 years experience to all of the surgical procedures he performs. His breadth of experience includes a myriad of soft tissue and orthopedic operations. He has written book chapters, research papers, and taught advanced courses in areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiovascular surgery, renal and gastrointestinal surgery, fracture repair, arthroscopy, hip and stifle surgery, among others. The most common procedures at West Toronto Surgery include:


Orthopedic procedures:

- TPLO, TTA for cranial cruciate injury (arthroscopically assisted or conventional)
- patellar luxation
- cemented and cementless total hip replacement for hip dysplasia
- complex fracture repair
- arthroscopic treatment of elbow FCP/OCD, shoulder OCD or “rotator cuff” injuries,
hock OCD, stifle OCD

Soft tissue procedures

Oncological (cancer) surgery for:

- oral tumors
- lung and other thoracic cancers
- gastrointestinal and endocrine tumors
- tumors of the spleen
- osteosarcoma and other bone or joint related tumors
- soft tissue sarcomas/ mast cell tumors of the skin and deeper tissues

Cardiovascular surgery

- vascular ring anomalies
- portosystemic shunts
- sespiratory surgery
- brachycephalic syndrome: stenotic nares, redundant soft palate, lateral ventricle eversion
collapsing trachea: extra or intraluminal stenting

Gastrointestinal surgery

- gastric dilitation volvulus (GDV)
- gastrointestinal foreign bodies
- megacolon
- complex wound reconstruction skin grafts
- cutaneous and myocutaneous flaps